• “We made sure we had no other engagements in order to join you. Definitely, as a family, you have a special place in our hearts as our “Cicero” in London, be it the V&A, the British Museum, Apsley House or other. Annika, you have the ability to select the best “picks” of these great establishments of our city, with the taste of the real “feinspitz” Christopher Seidenfaden, Founder/part-owner Skandium, 2018
  • "Thank you for sharing your impressive knowledge of the Design Museum with the V&A Guides" Elizabeth Hamilton MBE, Chairman V&A Guides, 2018
  • "I was very impressed by the venue Apsley House, and even more by your knowledge, I enjoyed it very much" Lu Zhou, Design Director Legle France, 2018
  • "We really appreciate the creative, new tours that you arrange for us” Luciana Isolato, Events Manager, V&A Friends, 2017
  • "Really enjoyed the inspiring private tour of the wonderful V&A Jewellery Gallery!" Sophia Hirsh, Hirsh London, 2017
  • "V&A - Impressionante o preparo dela : tem dominio de todos artistas envolvidos na apresentação e além disso o faz de maneira agradável, com convicção e leveza. Quantas vezes for a Londres e Annika tiver algum “guided tour” o farei com imenso prazer. É um aprendizado delicioso e recomendo" Francisca Sachs, 2016
  • “The June 2016 issue of the Spanish magazine TELVA recommends Annika Hall in their feature about the Pimlico Design area” TELVA Magazine, 2016
  • “What a difference it made to join Annika’s tour of the Japanese gallery at the V&A. I will definitely recommend her to all my friends and call her again for my next trip to London” Pepa Yuste, 2016
  • "The combined tour of V&A and National Portrait Gallery was brilliant" Barbro Zettergren, Owner, Infurn Contract, 2016
  • “I can highly recommend the New London Skyline tour. It is a great way to see London from a different perspective by boat on the Thames and also enjoying fantastic views from the cable car between the O2 arena and the Olympic area. Annika makes sure that the tour is both interesting and fun” Cecilia Kragsterman, 2016
  • “It was so interesting to hear you talk about the portraits. The way you present is so captivating – like a novel. Imagine if I could spend a week with you in various museums in London!” Charlotte Stirling, 2015
  • "Annika’s tour of the National Portrait Gallery gave me the desire to return, inspiring further exploration of this magnificent collection of portraits.  Annika had selected key paintings that were described in an entertaining way. There was a logical connection between the objects which created a common thread and theme. The tour was adapted to the group and I found Annika’s voice very suited for guided tours” Felix Engström, 2015
  • "The feedback was brilliant on your Scandinavian Design tour for V&A Friends" Madeleine Williams, Events Manager, Friends of the V&A, 2014
  • "Going back a number of years we employ Annika Hall as tour manager and local guide for our tours of English Gardens in connection with Chelsea Flower Show. Given her background she really is over qualified for this job, but having her gives us that extra confidence." Agneta Ullenius, Svenska Dagbladet, 2014
  • "Of all the things we organised for my mother’s birthday in London, Annika’s tailored visit to the V&A was the absolute highlight." Anna Lehmann, 2012
  • "I really appreciated your tour of the V&A. You added a personal touch, tailored the tour to the group and your answers to questions indicated that your knowledge of the topics went far beyond the descriptions you gave. It was the highlight of our visit to London." Ebba von Essen, 2009
  • "Other tours tell you that such-and-such statue was commissioned by Philip the Phantastic to commemorate his victory over Philip the Phlop on 25 April, 1491. What they don’t tell you (which you do), is that the sculptor of the statue was having an affair with Phantastic’s wife and, to spite his rival, carved “Phlop” in Greek on the statue’s trousers. I usually fall asleep with tours, but yours are full of insight and clever trivia, and you point out objects that I would have never noticed and make them fascinating. I never thought museums could be fun. Thanks for that!" Fiamma Truuvert, 2009