Tate Modern

  • Tour Length: 1 1/2 hours

The Tate Modern project kick-started the regeneration of this wasteland area where in the past they put all the industries that were unpleasant and smelly. The power station was totally transformed by Swiss architects Herzog de Meuron and now also includes a new wing.

The background to the collection is that in the late 1980s Tate realised that Millbank was too small and decided to split collection in two – British and International 20C art. Thus Tate Modern now displays the latter and contemporary art.

The Tate Modern highlights tour the aim is to put the collection in an international art historical context and include some the most famous pieces such as Mark Rothko’s Seagram Murals and Salvador Dali’s Lobster Telephone.  We will finish the tour on the 10th floor and admire the incredible views of London, here seen from a new angle.

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